Summary of Scholarship Awards and Colleges Attended

The Thomas and Elsie Deeley Foundation does not place any restrictions on the choice of schools. Scholarship recipients are free to select any college or university they wish to attend. Our scholarship recipients have attended 15 different colleges and universities.

Number of Scholarship Recipients By School

The chart below shows the colleges and universities selected/attended by our scholarship recipients.  It also indicates the number of students who have attended each school. Since some students transferred to other colleges or spent two years at the Waterbury UConn Branch before moving on the to the main UConn campus at Storrs, the total exceeds the number of scholarships awarded.

While we do not place any restriction on the colleges our students attend, it is worth noting that about half of our scholarship recipients attend one of our partner colleges.  This is not surprising because we seek to form partnerships with those colleges that most of our applicants are interested in attending.


Scholarship Funding By College/University

The Deeley Foundation has awarded over $2,100,000 in scholarships to students. With the increase in the number of partnerships with colleges and universities, we expect the number of students receiving scholarships and the amount of these awards to increase. The following chart summarizes our scholarship awards by institution.


Profiles of Our Scholarship Recipients

All of our applicants are required to meet the basic criteria to be eligible for one of our scholarships:

    • Community Involvement
    • Academic Accomplishments
    • Work Experience
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Financial Need
    • College Goals
    • Personal Interview

However, the criteria we most look for is somewhat intangible.  We are looking for someone we feel is going to “make a difference”.   It can be a student who has a real passion for something, or who demonstrates a unique set of skills (academic and/or social) that is impressive, or who has impacted other students in a positive manner.

These intangible qualities transcend simple academic accomplishments.   Although academic achievement is a significant factor, it is just one of many.  The academic standing of our recipients varies widely.   By far the largest single segment of scholarship recipients are those with a class rank other than the top 10% of their graduating high school class.  About twice as many students are in this latter category.


The chart below shows the types of degrees earned by our scholarship recipients who have already graduated from college compared to their high school class rankings.  We find there is virtually no difference in the academic success at college between these two categories of students.


As can be seen from the above chart, significant numbers of students have gone on to obtain advanced degrees.  In fact, over half of our scholarship recipients have gone on to receive an advanced degree and several have received multiple advanced degrees.

The number of males and females awarded a Deeley Foundation scholarship varies from year to year.  However, since our inception, our scholarship awards are about equally distributed between female and male recipients as can be seen from the chart below:


Locations of The Colleges and Universities Attended

Most of our recipients attend schools in Connecticut, but students have also attended schools in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, South Carolina, Florida and Virginia.


Those students who attend graduate school do so mostly in the east coast corridor ranging from Massachusetts to Florida. Advanced degrees have been earned a variety of colleges and universities.  They include Yale University, Fairfield University, Florida State University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, the University of New Haven, Fordham University, Syracuse University, Central Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, the University of Connecticut, and Scranton University.