Summary of Scholarship Awards and Colleges Attended

The Thomas and Elsie Deeley Foundation does not place any restrictions on the choice of schools. Scholarship recipients are free to select any college or university they wish to attend. Our scholarship recipients have attended 15 different colleges and universities.

Number of Scholarship Recipients By School

The list below shows the colleges and universities selected/attended by our scholarship recipients.  It also provides an indication of the number of students who have attended each school.  The six most popular school selections are highlighted.

Boston University  1 Student
Central Connecticut State University 5 Students
Coastal Carolina University 1 Student
Fairfield University 9 Students
Gordon College 1 Student
Hampton University 1 Student
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 1 Student
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 1 Student
Quinnipiac University 3 Students
Saint John’s University 1 Student
Southern Connecticut State University 9 Students
University of Connecticut 16 Students
University of Connecticut – Waterbury Branch 3 Students
University of Rhode Island 1 Student
Williams College 1 Student 

Locations of The Colleges and Universities Attended

Most of our recipients attend schools in Connecticut, but students have also attended schools in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Foundation No Florida US map

Total Amount of Scholarship Awards By School

Fairfield University         $604,000
University of Connecticut         $407,875
Southern Connecticut State University         $197,974
Central Connecticut State University         $104,405
Quinnipiac University           $78,000
Boston University           $48,000
Massachusetts Maritime Academy           $24,000
Gordon College           $16,000
University of Rhode Island           $15,000
Coastal Carolina University            $14,000
St. John's University           $12,000
Hampton University           $12,000
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy            $8,000
Williams College             $8,000